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Gift Shop

Gift Shop available daily located in lobby from 7am – 11pm. After hours free delivery to room from 11pm – 7am. Please dial 176 for after hours delivery! All items exclude 8.75% sales tax.


Smartwater 1 liter$3.50
S. Pellegrino 1 liter$4.00
Hint Water Blackberry 16 oz$2.75
La Croix Passionfruit 12 oz$1.50
Gatorade 20 oz (Glacier Freeze)$2.50
Bottled Coke 12 oz$2.50
Redbull 12 oz$4.50
Apple Juice 10 oz$3.00


Pringles Original 5.2 oz$4.00
Pringles Sour Cream 5.2 oz$4.00
Harvest Snaps Caesar 3.0 oz$4.50
Brownie Brittle Choco Chip 5oz$5.00
Chex Mix Traditional 8.75 oz$4.00
Wonderful Pistachios Roasted & Salted 16 oz$10.00
Pretzel Nuggets 10 oz$4.50
Sour Haribo Gold Bears 3.6 oz$3.00
Haribo Gold Bears 5 oz$3.00
Haribo Sour Spaghetti 5oz$3.00
Haribo Peaches 4 oz$3.00


Toothbrush Kit$3.00
Tylenol 4 Caplets$4.00
Aleve 2 Caplets$4.00
Pepto Bismol 4 Caplets$5.00
Claritin 1 Tablet$5.00
Make-up Remover$3.50
Gillette Razor Kit$7.00
Single Razor$3.00
Sunscreen Banana Boat 1 oz$3.00
Deodorant Degree unisex .5 oz$3.00
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